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Wild Sim's 2 The New Genration
New's on Sim's 2

Hi welcome to Whats in the New's
go to the Regular Sim's 2 officail sight to get the latest new's!

Also looking for more new's and Screen shots of the sims 2 be shure to check this link out for cool news and great Screen Shot's

New's :
               The Sims 2 official sight has released
       more info, and new screen shot's for the sim's 2
    Their are more fanta Sight's being added to the
      More fun with the chatt and forum's are at,
   look for the officail date on my home page of this
   sight ,.
  There are more new's than i have, go to the
  home page sight for the sims2 sight click button below on the sight .

Go To Sims 2

Want to add a Fanta Sight
When, you like go here to this button below
to join the fun, at sims 2.

Click This link to go get your fanta sight kit,
and submit ur fanta sight