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Wild Sim's 2 The New Genration
Date Of Release

Release Date:Mar 29, 04=Spring 2004 but has been changed sence talk of release's
Price: $49.99
If you have a T&L capable video card with at least 32 MB of video RAM (such as nvidia GeForce 2 or better or ATI Radeon 7000 or better) then you need at least:

600 MHz P3 processor
256 MB RAM if Windows XP
128 MB RAM if Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows 2000

If you have a non-T&L capable video card (such as TNT2, Intel, or Rage for example) then you need at least:

1.5 GHz processor
256 MB RAM if Windows XP
128 MB RAM if Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows 2000

Recommened video cards (and the more video memory the better):
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
Nvidia Geforce 4

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  • 3D environment - TS2 will have a completely new 3D environment. Making for better details, and imaging.
  • Animations - The animations will now be more smooth and life like.
  • AI - The new AI will be much more realistic. Sims will turn their heads to look at eachother, or objects in the room, as they pass by. And they will also deal more appropriatly with situations.
  • Building Options - Create mountains with the use of Simcity 4 terrain builder, build 3 story homes, put doors and windows on diagonal walls. Other new options include, bridges over water, raised porches/threshold, with just a few steps leading up to it. No more ground level only front porches and back decks. And now even more: Possible flat roofs the sims can walk on/roof top terraces, and Terraces over mummering brookes.
  • Calendar - The new sim calendar will work by the week. Meaning there will be a weekly calander of events kept (ie your kids birthday is next Monday, today is Tuesday).
  • Cameras - Now you can place cameras all around the room to capture a party, or anything else, from all angles.
  • Careers - For adult sims, there will be 18 careers, with 10 levels each. For teen and old sims there will be 7 careers, with 3 levels each(whether they are the same for teen and old, is yet unknown). Also elderly sims will receive a pension upon retiring. There is now a slight variation being reported, from the original. It's now reported that all together there will only be 15 careers for all sims to choose from. Included in that 15 are special jobs, for teens, and seniors. One reported teen job is: "Filling chips at a fast food outlet."
  • Child Care - Yep now mommy and daddy will be able to hire a baby sitter to come watch the little ones while they go off to work.
  • Console, Computer, or Online? - The Sims 2 is NOT a console game, it is a PC game, and will probably be released on Mac 6 to 12 months after the PC version release. NO you can not use your original Sims ep's with it, no it is not an add on for the original Sims. And NO it's not an online game.
  • Diaries - Now you will be able to create video as well as snap shot diaries of your sims life, and even add audio.
  • DNA and Genetics - DNA, and genetics will be a big part of TS2, allowing generational game play. Your sim parents will now pass traits down to their children. Things such as, eye color, body size, and personality are able to be passed down, as well as some career skills. And the degenerative DNA problem of real life won't affect your sims. Which means they can marry first cousins.
  • "Exotic" Characters - New to TS2 will be the ability to create Aliens and Elves, as your little sim people, using the custom content tools.
  • Furniture Aging/Renewal - Furniture will now age, and show it, however by recoating it instead of buying new your sims can save money.
  • Family - The family limit will still be set at 8. But new to TS2 is the ability to create all ages, except infant, in the create-a-sim area. So you could start out with a Mom, teen, and toddler if you wanted.
  • Family Tree - Yes now the generation will be kept track of by a photo family tree, that you'll be able to access with a few simple clicks.
  • Interactable NPC's - You will now be able to interact with NPC's such as the Maid, and Pizza Boy, and even bring them into the family via marrige.
  • Inheritance - Those who spend the most time, and possibly live, with the elderly sim before it dies will get a larger inheritance than anyone else.
    • Leaving the house - There are three possible options for leaving the home. 1) Going to the grocery store to buy ingredients for special meals. 2) Going to the clothing store, to buy special clothing items. Which you could assume to mean, wedding attire, swim wear, and pajama's. 3)Hair Salon to get hair cuts, and the like.
    • Life cycle - You'll now follow your sims from birth to death, and through 6 stages of life. They include infant(non playable), toddler, child, teen, adult, and old age.
    • Life Moments and Big Decisions - These will effect your life score, and also have an effect on your sim as they get older. Some of these included: Toilet training, first step, first kiss, first crush, getting a job, getting married. Many smaller life moments will effect the score as well, such as: Father and son playtime, mom burning down the kitchen, and kids helping grandma. An indication that one of lifes big moments happened, stars and hearts swirling around the sim.
    • Life Score - this is the score with which you can judge how well a sim is being played. This also effects interactions available to that sim, and the sims mood. Other things affected will be the rate at which needs have to be met. The life score is like your sims memory.
    • List of new objects (Some are not confirmed) - There will be 500 new objects in TS2 including: in ground hot tub, corner shower, polygraph machine (one of many career reward objects), Large telescope for star gazing or neighbor peeping, T.V. video game system, crib, childrens' building blocks, Yoga Mat for the mind motive, changing table for babies, hand held video game, and so much more.
    • Meals - The Meals will be simple, like the original sims, but you can go to the grocery store and pick up ingredients to make special things. Also the better your sims cooking skills, the more detailed, and better the meal will be. You can also now watch as each ingredient is added, and how it's combined, and cooked. Yes teens can cook.
    • Mine or Yours? - Sims will now know their bed from everyone elses in the house. But they need to be "taught" which bed is theirs'. By having them use it over and over again, they will get to know and like their own bed, and not sleep in anothers.
    • Missions - Short missions will also be part of the sims everyday life now. An example is: invite your boss to dinner! When everything works fine, and your boss leaves your house after a good meal, saturated and in a good mood, the next advancement will come sooner. But if your boss will witness your kitchen burning down or your wicked kids bother him, your boss won't like you much.
    • Motives (the new ones) - 2 new motive will be added, thirst and mind, and social motive will be split into two separate ones, friends and family. Things that effect the mind motive are: the yoga mat, good (special/gormet) meals, good music.
    • Multi-tasking - your sims will now be able to do things such as get and eat popcorn while watching t.v, sit on the floor while playing video games, and eat chips while sitting on the bed watching t.v.!
    • Neighborhood - You will be able to choose the size and placement of all lots in the neighborhood. Another mention is that as your families expand, so will your neighborhood. There will be at least 50 lots in the neighborhood, with the ability to add more. And you can import Simcity 4 terrains in to create unique neighborhoods.
    • Object Customization - There is now in game customizing of objects, but only the fabric style, not the shape, or size. Object creating tools might be included to create new objects with. Maxis reports that Maya will be the supported object creation tool. (We'll provide more information on that soon)
    • Other Options - Choice to breast feed or bottle feed babies(not confirmed), no sex or babies for teens, Adult sims will have the option to move out, and start a family of their own, and Divorce is possible. Also possible are affairs. And it could end up the the wife/husband end up hearing about it "through the grapevine".
    • Pets - No there will not be any pets in TS2. They did say pets will most likely be in an expansion pack.
    • Relationships and Reroduction - Teen sims cannot have relationships with adults, nor seniors. However Adults, and Seniors can have relationships together. And elderly male can get an adult female pregnant, but and elderly female cannot become pregnant. And female sims are limited to 7 births in their lifetimes. Your sims can marry and reproduce with cousins, but not parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, or their own children. Whether they can marry and reproduce with aunts and uncles is unknow, but assumed.
    • Teens - There are many wonderful new option for this new group of sims. Like the option to run away, if unhappy at home. And getting introuble with the police.
    • Time - Time will stand still for all the houses not activly being played.
    • The View - When asked, Maxis reported that you will not see the grey screen when in lot like in the original sims. Instead, you will simply see the surrounding terrain. Also you can now zoom in to get a Sims Eye View of thier world. You'll be able to see everything from the level and vantage point of a sim.
    • Vacation Homes - Your sim family may own more than one home at a time, and use one of them as a vacation home, if so choose.
    • Weather and other natural occurrences - There will be as far as is known now: Rain, thunder, lightening, sun set/rise.
    • Weddings - The weddings will consist of more this time around, and possibly be abler to invite the sims families, however that is all that is known.
  • If you have any questions post to the messageboard, visit the chat room,