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Wild Sim's 2 The New Genration
About me

About Me :
        I am a man lol guess you knowed that,
   My name is kenneth,
       I am 20 be 21 my birthday on may 29
   I have been playing the sims all most 3 years
  i have my very own web sights on sims and
 other sights,
 I love donateing object's floors,roofs,wall's and other
 things to other sights it is so fun,
 i have been making objects all most 2 year's now i am a learning every day something new ,
i have got where i am in love with the game cant wait to see what the future hold's on the sims games and other ea game's.
I love these games so much , i have been into playing computer's every sence 4-6 years ago even when i was growing up i would set in school and play them i all the time acted like i had my work done, lol,
But really thats all i have been into is fun games like the sims and things never could get into any fighting or raceing games lol.
I go to church i go to a pental coastal church, i have been in church for all most 6 years sence aug-09-98,
Well thats all about me later love kenneth

This is me
My name is Kenneth